YEI Program 2020 - And the winners are...

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The YEI program runs for the 14th edition and the 3rd time with Taiwan. Dedicated to young entrepreneurs in deeptech, the program of the French Ministry of Foreign affairs gather every year 30 young entrepreneurs worldwide to participate in a free acceleration program in France and discover the French ecosystem.

In 2017, this program welcome for the first time 3 Taiwanese startups among the 30 visiting France. The 2018 edition of YEI took a big step for France Taiwan cooperation in innovation. Indeed, thanks to the support of Ministry Of Science Technology, 3 more startups were selected. In total, 6 startups were selected to take part to the immersion week. This year, French Office in Taipei and Ministry of Science and Technology associated once again.

6 AI-tech startups will be selected to go to France from March 9th to March 13th 2020.

The final pitch contest to select the 6 laureats took place on Friday, November 15th in TTA. 4 french guests from France were the jury members for the event. Big thanks to Marialya Bestougeff, Julien Chiaroni, Camille Pène, and Emmanuel Vincent!

After a day of presentation of the French ecosystems, 3 startups will follow a program in France and 3 other will discover a local ecosystem in France. France recently created four institutes dedicated to AI in Grenoble, Nice, Paris and Toulouse. There is a lot to discover! After these two days of immersion, the 6 startups will have the opportunity to attend Hello Tomorrow Global Summit, a worldwide well-renowned summit dedicated to startup, deeptech and entrepreneurship. Workshop, seminars and training will be organized.

And the laureates are...


As a personal virtual assistant, Carvis stays with the drivers even if they switch cars, whereas virtual assistants provided by auto brands are attached to the vehicles. Hence, Carvis can collect the most comprehensive long-term data about the driver for the insurance


CellWine provides a C2C wine marketplace for the secondary wine market. The CellWine C2C marketplace uses the blockchain technology ERC 721 to create digital assets for wines in the form of tokens and simplify transactions using smart contracts. CellWine also provides value-added services to help users and sellers to storage and manage their wines.

DT42 Co.,Ltd

DT42 provides an end-to-end AI solution. When the customer makes a request, the DT42 will provide a complete pipeline from AI model training to edge device deployment. We currently have two products: Epeuva, an AI Customized platform and BerryNet, an AI deployment framework

Hyson Technology Inc.

Farm a Better Fish has developed the first patented cloud AI system that automatically detects and monitors the growth of aquatic species. So far AI image processing is mostly applied in land environments due to limitations. Farm a Better Fish system is un-intrusive, noncontact, eco-tech system that is able to perform the following without affecting the health of aquacultured species.

IPPLUS Technology Co., Ltd.

IPPLUS is a one-page-management tool utilizing AI and big data analysis that is cost effective and user friendly. It consists of Intellectual Property Automation System (IPAS), resume for IP(IPCV), IPRob (AI and RPA) to build IP community and solve the complexity of IP management for startups. IPPLUS is an online system tailored for startups to file, manage and commercialize intellectual property.


We use object recognition model to analyze trends on social media, training recommendation algorithm by labels. When customer shopping online/offline, the app recommends products automatically and record customers' behavior and appearance like age/gender/office lady etc, to complete customer profile.