OPEN INNOVATION PROGRAMME: Roundtable on Hydrogen green technology

#Open Innovation , #Roundtable , #Hydrogen

La French Tech Taiwan and the French Office in Taipei are glad to present an international Roundtable on Hydrogen technolgy applications with both the French and Taiwanese industries, associations and authorities to discuss the future of hydrogen in Taiwan.

If hydrogen has been a topic of research for decades, it is now going beyond technical fields, reaching public opinion and politics, bringing the spotlight to hydrogen as a concrete solution for ecological transition. Initiatives are flourishing and governments are allocating massive budgets for hydrogen energy projects such as France, which recently allocated € 2 billion for the hydrogen industry development over the next two years.

Taiwan is at the forefront of research for renewable energies solutions, local fuel-cell projects are numerous, although major sectors such as transportation and mobility are still waiting to emerge.

The roundtable will be a great opportunity to explore France and Taiwan collaboration opportunities on hydrogen technology, and on its applications that are reshaping the energy and transportation landscape.