La French Tech?

Our startup scene here in France.

It’s also a unique movement bringing together startups, investors, policymakers and community builders.

Our mission is to make France one of the greatest places in the world to launch and grow global tech companies for our future.


The official community of La French Tech in Taiwan.
 We aim at linking France & Taiwan startup ecosystems. 


Our Mission

  • Providing support to French Tech startups interested in investing, growing business in Taiwan
  • Supporting Taiwan start-ups with ambition to scale business in France / Europe
  • Leveraging on an extensive community present in 35 countries
  • Contributing to build France as a “Startup Nation
  • Creating, coordinating or simply promoting startups exhange programmes between France and Taiwan

Our Story

“French Tech Taiwan” is born!

French Vice Minister in charge of digital economy Ms Axelle Lemaire announced during her visit to Montréal with Premier Valls, that 10 more region or cities have been labeled “French Tech Hub”. Together with 11 new “French Tech Hubs” around the world, “French Tech Taiwan” will reinforce the 22 existing hubs acting as French entrepreneurship ecosystems.

“La French Tech” is one of the main support mechanisms and tools used by France to promote the development of emerging technologies. It is based on the concept of linking public and private, domestic and overseas stakeholders, to create a comprehensive network. It is not a new organization established by the French Government, but rather a service centered on corporate leadership, creating cross-border programs for start-ups rapid growth and international visibility. The reason for this is that today start-ups are looking for rapid global growth, which relies on having enough customers, users, investors and partners internationally. From this perspective, “French Tech Hubs” international network is best suited to provide assistance and resources to French entrepreneurs. However, there are certain conditions to get the label « French Tech hub» and join the family, like a strong accelerator, investor, incubator ecosystem and personal involvement.

This achievement is the result of a long work in Taiwan of French private enterprises, French institutions and the efforts of many individuals! Namely the few French entrepreneurs who applied for the project, including representatives of French SMEs in Taiwan, French start-up companies and even French multinationals. French Tech Taiwan is supported by the French institutions in Taiwan, such as the French Office in Taipei, Business France and the French Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Taiwan. “French Tech Taiwan” entrepreneurial ecosystem also count numerous Taiwan local institutions and private business partners (incubators, accelerator, investors…), all allied together in a new entrepreneurial ecosystem to create a unique platform to serve both French and Taiwanese start-up companies.

The goal of “French Tech Taiwan” is to significantly increase the number of start-up acceleration programs and incubation programs fostering new initiatives towards the development of France and Taiwan new technologies, to promote the attractiveness of France to Taiwanese startups.

許多人會問什麽是《French Tech Hubs》?什麽又是《French Tech Taiwan》?和法臺交流又有什麽關係?

《French Tech Hubs》是法國爲了推廣創業生態系統而設置的許多機制與工具之一,目的是在新創業快速發展過程中,滿足它在客戶量、使用者、投資人與夥伴等方面的迫切需求。《French Tech Hubs》像是法國的一個全球跨國創新科技產業網絡,以法國企業家為領導核心,連結公與私,國内與海外的相關公家與民間主管與從業人士,串聯成一個全面性的網絡,形成一個網内共同平臺,為平臺上的新創企業建立跨國陪伴計劃,提供協助與資源,所以它並不是一個政府設立的機構。但是有助於提升法國《French Tech》整體科技政策的知名度與辨識度。

加入《French Tech Hubs》網絡等於能獲得不同程度的協助,所以法國駐外企業,紛紛形成在地聯盟,無不期盼跨過法國政府認證門檻,加入《French Tech Hubs》這個創新產業網絡的行列。今年10月之前,經法國政府認證的《French Tech Hub》有12個,分布在全球不同的地方。10月份,法國數位與新創專務部長Axelle Lemaire女士發佈了10個新的《French Tech Hub》,其中包括在臺灣的《French Tech Taiwan》(為方便識別,所以統一取名方式:在《French Tech》 之後加上所在名字) 。全部加起來,法國創業生態系統的名單上,已經有22個成員了!具體以數據來説,在這個網絡中有300家法國企業作爲各別的領導中心,其中有50家法國知名跨國企業,列名的新創公司名單達1000家。


《French Tech Taiwan》的法國創業生態系統中,也有許多臺灣的在地公家機構(資策會、文化部、新北創立坊、臺灣創新快製媒合中心等)與私人企業夥伴(如上),大家結盟一同爲創業生態系統創造一個無獨僅有的平臺。

《French Tech Taiwan》的最終目標是大幅增加各類朝向法國發展的陪同計劃、孵育器計劃以及促進新創公司計劃,發揚法國在新創領域的吸引力以及提升臺灣在這領域的競爭力。爲了達到這個目標,未來將在臺灣本地以及臺灣的這個平臺内部籌畫許多活動,好讓這個創業生態系統能領先群雄。

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” We connect France and Taiwan start-up ecosystems and welcome any motivated individuals that wish to join the adventure.”

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