Quantum Computing: hype or disruption?

After years of R&D, properties such as quantum superposition and entanglement are starting to be harnessed and exploited in a new generation of Quantum Technologies, impacting many sectors by exceeding “classical” devices. Other breakthroughs in science and engineering out of physics research labs profoundly impact industries and people’s lives.

Christophe Jurczak is a managing partner at Quantonation, the first VC fund dedicated to Quantum Technologies and Deep Physics. Christophe has held government and executive positions in energy, defense and in the emerging field of quantum computing, in Europe and in the US. He founded Quantonation in Paris in 2018 together with Charles Beigbeder and Olivier Tonneau.

Quantum computing could turn the technology world on its head. By harnessing counter-intuitive properties of the microscopic world beyond the grasp of traditional Newtonian physics, its potential is to transform the way that computers process data and to speed them up exponentially while reducing energy consumption. How to play in this field beyond the hype associated to every disruptive technology?

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When ? Wednesday, September11th from 6:30pm to 7:30pm

Where ? Taiwan Tech Arena, 4F, Nanjing East Road, Sec 4, n°2

Quantum Computing: hype or disruption?
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