White Paper: Navigating the Gender Gap in Tech Across Taiwan and France (Download Available in English and Chinese)


After our event held on May 3rd, we are thrilled to unveil our latest white paper, a collaborative effort between Cerise Phiv, La French Tech Taiwan, and generously supported by La Mission French Tech. Titled “Navigating the Gender Gap in Tech across Taiwan & France,” this white paper dives deep into the critical issue of gender parity within the tech industry.

 Our mission is clear: to ignite meaningful discussions surrounding the challenges women face in tech and to lay the groundwork for tangible, transformative change.

 Inside this insightful white paper, you’ll discover:

🔹Strategies for fostering a more inclusive workplace environment for women.
🔹Initiatives to promote the hiring and advancement of women into leadership roles.
🔹Collaborative approaches involving employers, governmental bodies, educational institutions, and society at large to tackle the cultural and educational barriers contributing to gender disparity.
🔹Exclusive interviews with industry leaders including Maud Vinet, co-founder of Quobly, Hannah Chou, founder of Wepreneurs and Amanda Hsu, founder of Shape Prototype.

This comprehensive resource is available in both English and Chinese versions, ensuring accessibility to a diverse global audience and encouraging cross-cultural dialogue.

Join us in championing diversity and inclusivity within the tech sector!

Download your copy today and be part of the conversation. Stay tuned for the forthcoming French version of the white paper, coming soon!

La French Tech Taiwan

Click on the image to download the English version
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